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Loss and Gratitude: The Power of Family

By Hannah Arney, Marketing Intern and Former KC Member When I turned 8, my eleven-year old sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor. My sister spent many weeks and even months at a time in the hospital where she received chemo, radiation and stem cell treatments. This meant one of my parents and sometimes both […]


Loss and Gratitude: A Helping Friend

By Emily Lieberman, Ambassador Saturday, March 9th, 1985. It was any normal Saturday night. My younger sister, Hallie was at the movies with her friends. My older brother, Josh, was away at a soccer tournament, and my older sister, Beth, had just left a few minutes previously with her friend, Shelley. Although my dad had […]

Loss and Gratitude: Honoring the Ones That Stepped Up

By Lane Pease, Program Director First of all, anything I write about Father’s Day would not be complete if I did not honor my late husband and father to my daughters, Jim. He was a wonderful father that seemed to take to parenthood naturally from the moment our first daughter was born (a lot more […]

Kate’s Club 2015 Highlights

We would like to thank you all for your continued support. Here are some of the highlights of 2015: •In 2015, Kate’s Club provided over 21,180 hours of support services to 444 children and their families. •237 Kate’s Club volunteers dedicated 8,758 hours of time in 2015. •We brought 215 kids and 90 volunteers to […]

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5 Ways to Go Blue for Blue November

Blue November Be an Advocate. | Be a Friend. | Be a Supporter.   As many of you already know, November 19th is National Children’s Grief Awareness Day. At Kate’s Club, we decided just one day of awareness wasn’t enough, so we created the month-long advocacy campaign called Blue November. Throughout the entire month of […]

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If I Could Talk to You

If I could talk to you just one more time, Here are the things I would say I got good grades on my report card, Mom is doing great. I’d tell you about my day, Ramble on about my friends. Show you pictures of my new house, tell all the stories from beginning to end.   […]

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Camp Good Mourning: Buddy Reflection

Submitted by Steve Alper, first-time buddy Two months ago I heard that male buddies were needed for something called Camp Good Mourning. I thought, “Sure, why not!” When I found out I was assigned to an adolescent boys cabin, the first thought that came to mind was, “What the heck have I done?” I have […]

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Camp Good Mourning

I’ve never been to a bereavement camp before. I didn’t know what to expect, especially since I’ve never gone to any camp as an intern before.  I didn’t know whether my role would be one of camper support or running around doing whatever anyone needed from me. My role was a little bit of both […]

Recipe for the Best Me

Grief can throw us for a loop in all aspects of our lives, especially how we feel about ourselves. Sometimes it makes us feel like we’re falling apart at the seams. Sometimes it makes us feel alone. Sometimes it makes us question who we are. When we feel this way during our grieving, it’s difficult […]

A Mother’s Love: Cindy Schoell’s Story

My mother was diagnosed at the age of 39 with breast cancer while she was pregnant with me.  I am now 39, the age she was at diagnosis, which has brought up many different emotions for me – anger, sadness, fear.  I have two beautiful daughters, currently ages 6 and 9.  My mother had two […]

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