15 Tips for Grieving Through the Colder Seasons

Fall and winter are often difficult emotional seasons, especially for those who may be grieving. They bring with them what many of us know as the “winter blues”. Grievers are already more susceptible to depression and poor self-care, and the fall and winter months only increase this susceptibility.

All hope is not lost. We can help you shake those winter blues and successfully navigate through the fall and winter months. Here are 15 Kate’s-Club-approved tips from What’s Your Grief for grieving through the fall and winter seasons:

1. Write a list of winter activities you enjoy, so you can refer to it when the hibernation funk sets in (some ideas coming below).
2. Write a list of indoor projects you want to accomplish this winter, to keep you motivated and inspired (some ideas coming below).
3. Create a scrapbook or memory book in honor of your loved one.
4. Start working on the memorial or legacy project you have been wanting to do (a memorial celebration, scholarship fund, memorial walk, etc).
5. Make a list of people you have lost touch with that you want to reach out to by phone, email or social media.
6. Make a plan to start sorting through your loved one’s belongings, if you have been putting it off and want to do it.
7. Go through and organize, scan, print, etc old photographs (of your loved one or otherwise).
8. Set some TV boundaries – some TV is a great, healthy escape. Too much TV can become a fall/winter hibernation problem.
9. Make a list of shows and movies you really want to watch, so when you are watching TV it is things you really enjoy/value and not just mindless channel surfing.
10. Stock up on puzzles.
11. Stock up on books.
12. Stock up on materials for arts, crafts, etc.
13. Stock up on games.
14. If winter really gets you down, consider a light box designed for seasonal affective disorder.
15. Sign up for a class at a local community college, community center, or library to keep you motivated and get you out of the house.