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Archive for April 2011

The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch became a household name when his ‘Last Lecture’ went viral in 2007. Randy was battling pancreatic cancer and spent his remaining time focused on his family… leaving behind lessons for his young children to learn from in years to come. Through a series of interviews he did, the world was able to share in…

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Other's Day

One month from today is Mother’s Day and a few weeks later Father’s Day. Both days that are all about  family and love. Those are also days that can be very hard for those who have lost their father or mother, especially kids. The Concourse Athletic Club in Sandy Springs, Georgia created Other’s Day with these…

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Telling the Story

For those who lose a loved one to a terminal illness, the grieving process can begin long before the person actually passes away. The range of emotions in that time are complex and the priority becomes caring for and spending time with the person who is dying. Updating friends + family during this time has…

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