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Archive for January 2012

Cindy's Story: Part I

I am a 36 year old mother of two beautiful girls, but I will always be the little girl whose mommy died 11 days after my 4th birthday. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer while she was pregnant with me. She had a mastectomy and underwent chemotherapy and other treatments. She fought to live…

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This weekend I read an amazing book my sister passed on to me, Still Alice by Lisa Genova. It is the story of Alice, a brilliant woman suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. A year after her official diagnosis, Alice forms the first support group in her area for early-onset Alzheimer’s patients. There are already support…

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Football and grief

Tonight, Aaron Rodgers will take the field in Hawaii as the starting quarterback for the NFC Pro Bowl squad as it takes on the AFC. Across the country, Joe Philbin, the man who helped build the Super Bowl-winning offense that Rodgers has run in Green Bay since 2008, is hiring a staff and laying the…

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Five Stages of Grief

When I was a freshman in high school in the fall of 1992, I was in an honors seminar class that explored a number of topics. I was your typical high school freshman, concerned way more with baseball than my coursework, and I still wish today I had paid more attention to my great teacher,…

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The power of poetry or prose

When we grieve, we search for something — anything — to create an anchor to what reality was before our loss. When I lost my dad, I was reminded of a poem I’d found during our family vacation in Colorado a few years before. These words served as an anchor for me and reminded me…

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Buddy Perspective: Todd Owens' story

My name is Todd Owens, and I am a Buddy at Kate’s club. I am currently 45years old, married with 3 girls, and a pilot for Delta Air Lines. I truly wish something like Kate’s Club had around when I was a child! When I was 14, both my mother and father were killed in…

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How telling your story can help

If you have experienced a loss, it may feel like you will never fully “get over it” nor forget the loved one. You may continue to feel overwhelmed with uncertainty and perhaps nothing at all seems right. In preparing this post, research has demonstrated that grief counselors, psychologists, professional caretakers, religious figures and others are…

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How children and adults experience grief similarly and differently

Certainly one of the issues, if not struggles, in moving through the grief journey is understanding the difference in how children and adults grieve. Parents, who are often suffering with their own grief, have a greater understanding and clear distinction between life and death. This may become challenging as they work to explain to their…

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New Years Resolutions and Your Grief

So, here we are closing out 17 days into 2012 and the Grief Awareness Blog wants you to raise your hand if you made a new year’s resolution and have stuck with it. Certainly, we have all made a commitment to the “typical” resolutions to exercise more, eat healthier, not work so much, save money,…

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