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Archive for February 2012

Owning Our Grief

For those who are unfamiliar with TED Talks, I would like to suggest that you spend some time on their website. They are an amazing source for inspirational videos on a range of topics. Their mantra is “Ideas worth Spreading”. Today I want to spread one of their ideas about Owning Our Grief. Alana Sheera…

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Faces of Grief

As we prepare for Grief Awareness Day 2012, we are launching the ‘Faces of Grief’ photo stream on our blog. ‘Faces of Grief’ will allow individuals to put a face to grief as they share their story. On this blog we will be collecting the images and sharing them as part of a Flickr stream…

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The Long Goodbye

On September 7, 2010, my grandmother, known by her grandchildren as Mamaw, quietly passed away. The strangest part about her actual death for me was that person I had known and loved my entire life had really died a couple of years before. My Mamaw with my two youngest cousins, Ally + Kate That is…

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The Unexpected Moments of Grief

While the inital experiences of sadness and anger after the death of a loved one are often difficult to cope with, it is the unexpected moments that have always thrown me off. These are the moments when a scene in a movie or a generic conversation causes me to feel angry or sad because of…

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Sharing Memories with the Next Generation

My sister was smart. Mom said she wanted to be cremated and scattered on a dune in coastal North Carolina. We scattered most of her there and of course the sand dune is now part of the Atlantic Ocean. My sister arranged for a bit of the cremains to be buried in Alabama where Mom’s…

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Cindy's Story: Part II – Grief is a Life Long Journey

Grief is a life long journey. This is a statement that I don’t think people understand until they have experienced grief for themselves. My life story has been defined as a grief journey almost since before I was born. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer while she was pregnant with me and then lost…

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