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Archive for September 2012

Where were you?

Eleven years ago this morning, almost 3,000 people were killed in the midst of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Thousands of people lost parents and siblings. As I watch my Facebook feed this morning, dozens of people are sharing their Sept. 11 story. I’ll share mine here, and I encourage you to share yours in…

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Spin For Kids – Jordan and Andrew

Last year, Jordan and Andrew met out on the course and set out to accomplish something together.  Having met at a Kate’s Club event, they had helped each other cope with the death of a parent before.  This time they bonded together to finish 27 miles on a bike.  They crossed the finish line to…

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Driven by Loss

There are many complicated emotions and actions that are the result of one’s personal experiences with grief. We talk about them often on this blog. Last week Luke Russert wrote about how powerful an influence the loss of his father, Tim Russert, was on him. In the article he shares a conversation that he had…

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