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Archive for December 2012

Paying It Forward

In 2012 Gangam Style overtook pop culture, but Jayden Styleis the one I hope carries over to 2013. Jayden Lamb died after battling a rare form of cancer earlier this year and that led to a Pay it Forward movement that is now spreading across the globe. Yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning, Steve Hartman, shared…

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The Tragedy in Newtown – by Lane Pease

The first few mornings after the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, I would turn on the news and be reminded of the reality of the situation.  After the death of a loved one, be it protracted or sudden, the survivors often wake up in the morning and for the first few seconds forget.  I found myself…

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Happy Holidays?

I believe in the concept of the Holidays (whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, winter solstice, Eid, etc).  The Holidays can offer us a sense of context is a busy world. Familiar holiday traditions can offer a sense of comfort.  Sharing the Holidays with family members or friends can offer a greater sense of community. What…

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