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Archive for January 2013

Struggle and Transcendence

Many stories and perspectives will emerge from the 10th Anniversary Story Initiative. Most will focus on participants and parents served. As much as we like mission centric stories, it also important to offer the world the opportunity to view Kate’s Club through 360 degree lenses. There is value in knowing the story of the infrastructure,…

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How Rent changed my life, RIP Jonathan Larson

The announcement that Rent was heading to Broadway came on Friday Feb. 23, 1996. Early the next morning, my father took his own life. Between that day, Feb 24, 1996, and May 10, 1999, I graduated from high school, started a long-term relationship, left home for college, finished two years at the University of Alabama,…

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Free to Grieve. Free to Live.

“Did you see that?” the mom asked halfway through the interview. “See what?” I asked, feeling a bit oblivious. “Every time my girls share something with you, they watch to see how their words have impacted me,” she observed. The mother, her two daughters and I continued the conversation over our hot cocoa and cookies.…

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Megan Holder's story

Megan Holder and her childhood friend Kristen at Memory Walk 2012. Megan Holder built this blog. It was her idea as part of the work done in late 2010 by her LEAD Atlanta cohort team as they worked to create Grief Awareness Day for Kate’s Club. Ideas have a way of floating away. But, instead,…

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Changed Our Lives

On July cheap generic viagra with dapoxetine 100mg 6th, 2012 my daughter and our family’s lives were changed forever. An amazing man, my friend, and her father died. He committed suicide. My heart still hurts about this. Not only levitra versus viagra because of how it affects me, but mainly because of how it affects…

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Six Years Gone

  Lt. Col. Paul Finken died in Iraq in 2006, leaving behind his wife, Jackie, and their three daughters, Emilie, Caroline and Julia, to figure out which things can heal.  This is a must read article by Leslye Davis and Sarah Kramer in The New York Times.  I really admire the mother’s commitment to not…

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LEAD Atlanta's Story

The story of Kate’s Club is not just one of the people, but the community partners we have made along the way. (And the ones we will make in the future.) One of our more unique partnerships has been with our friends at LEAD Atlanta. Today we share the story of that partnership. As part…

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Thank you 50 years later

It is so easy to avoid people who’ve recently experienced the death of a loved one.  Here’s a great story, recorded as part of NPR’s storycorps, about a gentleman who lost his mom in the third grade.  His elementary school teacher reached out to let him know he wasn’t alone.  He remembered that simple act…

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Featured Slider Image 2 (Parents)

“I want nothing but the best for my kids and I realized that I can’t protect them from all hurt, but at Kate’s Club they can express their hurt and sorrow and be comforted by a devoted loving place where it’s okay to cry or miss their loved one.” – Parent

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