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Archive for September 2013

The Relax Jar

Not everyone can make it to the Clubhouse for program days so we decided to share one of the activities that the kids got the chance to experience this month so that you can do it on your own. The activity is called the “Relax Jar” and it is designed to help manage emotions and…

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Seeking the Light

We would like to share with you a blog post from Kara Jones, an artist and creative grief educator.  Kate’s Club also works with our members and their families on creative ways to deal with their grief through art, music, and recreational therapy. Kara uses creative prompts on her blog to talk about her grief…

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National Suicide Prevention Week

By: Lane Pease, Program Director September 8th – 14th is National Suicide Prevention week.  At Kate’s Club, we regularly work with families who have lost a family member to suicide.  The families come with the normal feelings of grief, but also experiencing intense feelings of guilt, anger, and shame.  Recently, my own community lost several…

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The Painting Table

This time of year is filled with new school supplies, adjusting to schedules, homework… spelling words, reading lists… On this blog in the past we have shared reading lists to help kids and adults who are grieving. In the spirit of ‘back to school’ we would like to add another book to the list today…

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