Just like grief, no death is the same. At Kate’s Club kids and their families have lost loved ones in every way you can imagine, including suicide. Jeff Romig has shared about his father’s suicide on this blog and we have retold Clay Hunt’s story as well. Clay Hunt’s family is part of a club no one wants to be a part of – veterans who have taken their own lives.

According to the veterans administration 22 veterans kill themselves each day. Joanna Eldridge knows this all too well. Her husband, Justin, a sergeant in the Marine Corp, committed suicide two days before Halloween.


Their story was shared on NPR this past Thursday in advance of Veteran’s Day. Today is Veteran’s Day. We encourage you to listen to the Eldridge’s story and talk about it. Removing the stigma that surrounds military suicides will help these families grieve publicly. One step closer to creating a world where it is okay to grieve…

In addition to listening to the Eldridge’s story, listen to your friends and family. If someone you love is considering suicide, reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or similar organization in your community.