A World Where It Is OK to Grieve

Thanks to Atlanta-based radio show, The Bert Show, and local NBC affiliate, 11Alive News, we are one step closer to seeing the Vision of Kate’s Club – a world where it is OK to grieve – become reality. The morning radio show is currently hosting a cash prize contest that prompted listener Tommy Morris to call-in.


At the 11Alive Studios

When Bert asked Tommy what he planned to do with the cash prize should he win, the answer was to redecorate his daughter’s room and pay some bills. As the conversation continued, Tommy revealed that Michaela’s mom had passed away the prior year and this was something that he really wanted for his daughter.

Tommy didn’t win the prize, but the outpouring of support for this family has been overwhelming. Donations have come in from across the country and services have been donated to make sure Michaela’s new room becomes a reality. This morning, Tommy, Michaela and Bert appeared on 11Alive to talk more about the story.  (Be sure to watch the video and hear Michaela share how she copes with her grief.)

We would like to say a thank you to the Bert Show and 11Alive for helping this family in their grief journey. It is a great lesson for all of us about the kindness, compassion and support that grieving kids and their families need.

The Bert Show and 11Alive have been a long-time supporter of Kate’s Club… Bert is on our Advisory  Board, he and Stacey were honored with the Spirit of Kate’s Club Award at Gala, Kristin has emceed past fundraisers and 11 Alive honored Kate Atwood earlier this year.  We are grateful to count them as members of the Kate’s Club Family.