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Grief During COVID-19

As I sit in my home office (that I now actually use for that purpose), I am thinking about people who are grieving during this time. Now a days, I have a very quiet house with the exception of when my dog hears something to disturb his workday nap. I think about how different it…

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Grief in the Workplace

When I started writing about grief in the workplace, after the first few paragraphs, I realized it sounded like a lot of other articles and maybe did not say what I really wanted it to say. What do I want to say? “Grief Happens!” It happens whether we are at school, work, or home and…

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The Pressure to be Perfect

I saw a mug a few years ago that said “World’s Okayest Mom” and I immediately sent a picture to my daughters and wrote, “This is perfect for me.” Their replies were both “Yes, true.” The truth is I am okay with that title (no pun attended). I remember a quote I read a few…

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How do WE talk about it? Words matter.

“We lost a student”, I cringed inwardly as I heard the principal make the announcement over the intercom. I was at an elementary school where a 4th grader had died and I had just addressed the crisis team. I told the crisis team that we should use the word “died” when talking about what had…

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Grief Triggers and That Darn Attic

By Lane Pease, Program Director Grief triggers are a funny thing. I tell people to anticipate the grief triggered by milestones. I take my own advice, so this year I anticipated the grief bursts. My youngest daughter, Lucy, graduated high school. She was just 9 months old when her dad, Jim, died and her sister,…

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It’s Okay to Ask “Why?”

The recent deaths by suicide of high profile, successful, individuals have left many people stunned and asking “why?” Both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain had young children adding an extra sadness to the story. Unfortunately, coping with a death by suicide is something at Kate’s Club we work with on a weekly basis. On average,…

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