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Proposed bill seeks to give more parents time off to grieve

A recent CNN article explains the grief journey of Barry Kluger who lost his daughter to an automobile accident when she was 18. Unfortunately, parts of his journey are all too familiar for those that have lost a child; and for those still younger that have lost a parent or a sibling. Now, there is…

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Is it just a F.A.D.?

Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief it’s not this kind of fad. Big hair and pinch rolled jeans from the 80’s? Bell bottoms? Body piercing? No way! Sure, these were fads (and thank goodness they were), but it isn’t what we’re talking about here. This “fad” stands for fear, anxiety, and depression. I recently…

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Honoring America's Heroes on Memorial Day

To those that serve our country, and to those that have given the ultimate sacrifice, we remember and honor you today and everyday. Thank you! Would you like to share your story? Please contact us at

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The Kindness Tree

Kate’s Club presented to 24 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classrooms at Norton Elementary School in Gwinnett County this week. That’s 600 students who participated in the KC Connects Outreach program in one week! We are scheduled to present to 36 more elementary school classrooms during the next four weeks. These interactive presentations include a…

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Children of Celebrities and Their Handling of Grief

Grief is a struggle unique to the individual regardless of the loss. Given the recent death of singer Whitney Houston, provides and article illustrating some of the challenges children of celebrities face in the wake of a loss. The piece talks about how some are able to grow up largely away from the public…

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You're still here? Of course you are!

Whatever the holiday is, if you are grieving it can be tough. How did it go for you on Valentine’s Day? You know… the day of love, flowers, chocolates, throws of affection, hearts aplenty with sweet messages inside expressing one’s care and love for another. Believe me; I get it if you wanted to not…

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How telling your story can help

If you have experienced a loss, it may feel like you will never fully “get over it” nor forget the loved one. You may continue to feel overwhelmed with uncertainty and perhaps nothing at all seems right. In preparing this post, research has demonstrated that grief counselors, psychologists, professional caretakers, religious figures and others are…

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How children and adults experience grief similarly and differently

Certainly one of the issues, if not struggles, in moving through the grief journey is understanding the difference in how children and adults grieve. Parents, who are often suffering with their own grief, have a greater understanding and clear distinction between life and death. This may become challenging as they work to explain to their…

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New Years Resolutions and Your Grief

So, here we are closing out 17 days into 2012 and the Grief Awareness Blog wants you to raise your hand if you made a new year’s resolution and have stuck with it. Certainly, we have all made a commitment to the “typical” resolutions to exercise more, eat healthier, not work so much, save money,…

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