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The Sweeter Side of Sorrow

We would like to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. As much as today is a day to celebrate, many will be hurting and grieving lost loved ones. Mothers grieving children. And, many grieving their mothers. We wish peace and love for you all. Read this touching account of one woman’s story about finding…

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Identity Crisis

By Rachel Ezzo During my time as a staff member at Kate’s Club I have talked about and written much about grief. I have shared my stories about grieving my aunt, my sister, and even my dog. I have lead presentations with children about grieving and how to support a grieving friend. I have shared…

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Blue November

#BlueNovember Be An Advocate. Be a Supporter.  Be A Friend. Grief, as everyone knows, is never dealt with ease.  The death of a loved one, for anyone, can be traumatic.  For a child it can be devastating.  At Kate’s Club, our mission is to empower children and teens facing life after the death of a…

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Seeking the Light

We would like to share with you a blog post from Kara Jones, an artist and creative grief educator.  Kate’s Club also works with our members and their families on creative ways to deal with their grief through art, music, and recreational therapy. Kara uses creative prompts on her blog to talk about her grief…

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National Suicide Prevention Week

By: Lane Pease, Program Director September 8th – 14th is National Suicide Prevention week.  At Kate’s Club, we regularly work with families who have lost a family member to suicide.  The families come with the normal feelings of grief, but also experiencing intense feelings of guilt, anger, and shame.  Recently, my own community lost several…

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By Rachel Ezzo Recently, a good friend and I were discussing memorials. That might seem like an odd discussion to an outsider but both of us have experienced the death of loved ones in the last few years. My friend established a scholarship in her daughter’s memory and a small garden at the school she…

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Grieving Teens

By Lane Pease, Program Director Last week, Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter, was rushed to the hospital in an apparent suicide attempt.  An attorney for the family wrote, “Being a sensitive 15-year-old is difficult no matter who you are. It is especially difficult when you lose the person closest to you. Paris is physically fine…

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National Volunteer Week: Gratitude

All week we have been celebrating our volunteers, our Buddies, in honor of National Volunteer Week. It would be difficult to adequately measure the impact that our Buddies make in the lives of Kate’s Club members and their families. Kate’s Club is truly a volunteer led organization that is dependent on hundreds of volunteers every…

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Furry Family Members

I am an animal person. I have been my entire life. I can almost measure different time periods in my life by the pets that I had. Sunshine, Autumn, and Brandy were in the early years. I met and loved Mandy, George, and Jordache in elementary school. Sophie and Rocky were with me from middle…

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