Be a Part of the #bluenovember Campaign

Three and a half years ago this blog was launched as a platform to further the Kate’s Club vision of creating a world where it is okay to grieve. Through our clubhouse programs, KC Connects, our blog and various social media platforms YOU have helped us build a network of people committed to facing grief together – thank you! Jordan is just one kid in the Kate’s Club family who is not just surviving, but thriving thanks to this network.

But there are more Jordans out there – for all of the Jordans we have yet to reach we ask that you join our #bluenovember campaign. National Childhood Griefawareness Day is November 21st and we are dedicating the entire month to draw attention to the needs of thousands of grieving children. (Yes, we know it is only September, but with so much too look forward to in November we could not wait to share some of the plans.)

Memory Walk 2013

Memory Walk 2013

How can you be an advocate, friend and supporter as part of #bluenovember?

  1. Have your workplace, school or personal network wear blue or host a fundraiser in November
  2. Conduct one of the grief activity programs we will be sharing on the blog in your community
  3. Share your story on the Face Grief Together blog launching in September
  4. Attend this year’s Memory Walk on November 15 at Coan Park
  5. Help Kate’s Club continue to provide free programs for our families with a donation

If you would like more information on how you can participate or volunteer, please reach out to [email protected]. And, be sure to follow us on social media for important campaign announcements as we prepare for #bluenovember!