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A Widow’s Story

New Possibilities

Here we are…2014! Nothing like early January to ponder what another year might hold.  Perhaps you are considering the possibility of dating again in the new year.  If so, check out this very honest, inciteful NPR article in which widows discuss ways they explained new relationships to their friends and family, their kids and themselves:…

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Six Years Gone

  Lt. Col. Paul Finken died in Iraq in 2006, leaving behind his wife, Jackie, and their three daughters, Emilie, Caroline and Julia, to figure out which things can heal.  This is a must read article by Leslye Davis and Sarah Kramer in The New York Times.  I really admire the mother’s commitment to not…

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Andi Stein's Story

Today marks the first story to be shared as part of our 10th Anniversary Story Telling Initiative. Andi Stein is a Kate’s Club parent whose life was transformed by Kate’s Club in ways even she couldn’t imagine when her family first joined. Without further delay, Andi’s story… I became a widow at 42 years old. …

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Why People Write About Grief

Recently the New York Times ran an interview with Joyce Carol Oates and Meghan O’Rourke. Each have written first-person-accounts about coping with the loss of a loved one. (Joyce lost her husband and Meghan lost her mother.) In the article they share how their memories became books. Joyce’s book, “A Widow’s Story“, was published in February. Meghan’s…

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