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art therapy

Seeking the Light

We would like to share with you a blog post from Kara Jones, an artist and creative grief educator.  Kate’s Club also works with our members and their families on creative ways to deal with their grief through art, music, and recreational therapy. Kara uses creative prompts on her blog to talk about her grief…

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Father's Day H.U.G.S.

The Ball Toss activity kicked off Father’s Day H.U.G.S. last Saturday at Kate’s Club. Kaylan’s dad loved ice cream. His favorite basketball player was Michael Jordan. And he was a great friend to all. Immediately after sharing some of the things she’d written about her dad, the 12-year-old drew and filled in a pink heart…

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Camp Twin Lakes

Each year the kids of Kate’s Club head to Rutledge, Georgia for their retreat at Camp Twin Lakes. Kate’s Club uses this traditional camp setting to allow the kids to enjoy activities, friendship and learn how to deal with their grief in a positive way. Camp Twin Lakes Project One of the activities the kids…

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Grieving through Art

Art is an excellent form of self-expression, especially for a child dealing with grief. Truth be told, it is healing for the kid in all of us. The image below is of the memory box that Claire Hecht created to remember her dad. The website shares some of ideas for projects you can do…

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