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bereavement camp

Keturah's Camp Good Mourning Story

Maybe it was the refreshing breeze, or the serenity I felt as I strolled through the camps pathway. Perhaps it was simply the joyous conversations coming from some of the campers and warm hugs and smiles from the buddies. Though I can’t pinpoint what it was specifically, I knew this combination made me feel right…

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Camp Good Mourning

I’ve never been to a bereavement camp before. I didn’t know what to expect, especially since I’ve never gone to any camp as an intern before.  I didn’t know whether my role would be one of camper support or running around doing whatever anyone needed from me. My role was a little bit of both…

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Camp Good Mourning 2012

The buzz of laughter and joy permeated the damp air and wound its way through the trails, cabins and activity areas of Camp Twin Lakes this past weekend. This isn’t what you might expect from a camp that serves grieving children. But Camp Good Mourning is no ordinary camp. Ordinary is fishing with bait. But…

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Camp Twin Lakes

Each year the kids of Kate’s Club head to Rutledge, Georgia for their retreat at Camp Twin Lakes. Kate’s Club uses this traditional camp setting to allow the kids to enjoy activities, friendship and learn how to deal with their grief in a positive way. Camp Twin Lakes Project One of the activities the kids…

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Camp Erin: The Moyer Foundation

The Moyer Foundation was founded in 2000 by World Series-champion, Major League All-Star pitcher, Jamie Moyer and his wife, Karen. The foundation’s largest initiative is Camp Erin… a bereavement camp for kids. With 36 camps in 23 states and one in Canada, Camp Erin is the largest bereavement camp in the country, serving more than 2,500…

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