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celebrating memories

Struggle and Transcendence

Many stories and perspectives will emerge from the 10th Anniversary Story Initiative. Most will focus on participants and parents served. As much as we like mission centric stories, it also important to offer the world the opportunity to view Kate’s Club through 360 degree lenses. There is value in knowing the story of the infrastructure,…

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Sharing Memories – "Over You"

One day, while listening to the radio, I heard the song “Over You” sung by Miranda Lambert. The first time I heard this song I was driving and not paying attention to the lyrics. I did hear the chorus pretty well – But you went away/How dare you/I miss you/They say I’ll be okay/But I’m…

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Sharing Memories with the Next Generation

My sister was smart. Mom said she wanted to be cremated and scattered on a dune in coastal North Carolina. We scattered most of her there and of course the sand dune is now part of the Atlantic Ocean. My sister arranged for a bit of the cremains to be buried in Alabama where Mom’s…

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The Hensel's Story

In 2010, the Hensel family’s life was forever changed when their devoted husband and father, Don, unexpectedly passed away. Within a week after his death a colleague of Wendy’s told her about Kate’s Club.  Kate’s Club has been a lifeline for Don + Wendy’s children, Grace + Luke.  This Saturday the family is “Racing to…

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Memory Garden

Now that spring is upon us, if you have considered planting a memory garden, it is the perfect time. Memory gardens can be as large or small as you want them be, and can be located anywhere from a residence to a school or even a park. Memory Garden in Bloom One of the most…

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Firsts… In sharing their stories, many of our interviewees have mentioned how hard first holidays and birthdays were without their loved ones. Today’s blog post is an idea for remembering them on those occasions… a balloon launch. A memory balloon launch can take many forms: A balloon release of a large number of balloons all in the loved…

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