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Happy, Healing and Healthy

The death of a parent is always a traumatic experience for anyone who has had to live through it. Those emotions are only compounded when you have had to witness that death first hand. Ginger Florey-Powell was only 9 years old when she and her brother survived the car accident that took their mother. She…

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Grief Facilitation Tips

Loss of a parent at any age is emotionally the same. People have varying levels of awareness and depth of relationship with the deceased depending on age – for example a six year old will have a different understanding of the finality of death and a shorter time period available to know the deceased loved…

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The Event: Part 2

Last week Trees Atlanta gave suggestions for our readers who would like to plant their own memory tree. Not everyone has a green thumb or lives in a climate where this is an easy option. The following project is a way to make your own memory tree. Step-by-step instructions: Find a twig with several branches.…

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