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Keturah's Camp Good Mourning Story

Maybe it was the refreshing breeze, or the serenity I felt as I strolled through the camps pathway. Perhaps it was simply the joyous conversations coming from some of the campers and warm hugs and smiles from the buddies. Though I can’t pinpoint what it was specifically, I knew this combination made me feel right…

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A World Where it is Ok to Grieve

By: Kate Atwood [Today is National Children’s Grief Awareness Day. It comes on the heels of the tragic terrorist attacks around the world. And while a lot of us are grieving a sense of loss of our own freedom by these attacks, hundreds of families are experiencing the darkest days of grief as they mourn…

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LEAD Atlanta's Story

The story of Kate’s Club is not just one of the people, but the community partners we have made along the way. (And the ones we will make in the future.) One of our more unique partnerships has been with our friends at LEAD Atlanta. Today we share the story of that partnership. As part…

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Father's Day H.U.G.S.

The Ball Toss activity kicked off Father’s Day H.U.G.S. last Saturday at Kate’s Club. Kaylan’s dad loved ice cream. His favorite basketball player was Michael Jordan. And he was a great friend to all. Immediately after sharing some of the things she’d written about her dad, the 12-year-old drew and filled in a pink heart…

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Faces of Grief

As we prepare for Grief Awareness Day 2012, we are launching the ‘Faces of Grief’ photo stream on our blog. ‘Faces of Grief’ will allow individuals to put a face to grief as they share their story. On this blog we will be collecting the images and sharing them as part of a Flickr stream…

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One Year

One year ago today, the Grief Awareness blog launched as part of Kate’s Club’s efforts to help the community recognize the importance of dealing with grief and provide another resource for those in the grieving process. Grief Awareness Day 2011 Tree Planting Since that day over 8,000 people have visited the blog from six different…

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