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how to help someone who is grieving

A World Where it is Ok to Grieve

By: Kate Atwood [Today is National Children’s Grief Awareness Day. It comes on the heels of the tragic terrorist attacks around the world. And while a lot of us are grieving a sense of loss of our own freedom by these attacks, hundreds of families are experiencing the darkest days of grief as they mourn…

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Atlanta's Inaugural Death Cafe

As usual, I was listening to NPR on the way home.  I heard about the Death Cafe concept started in England in late 2011 by Jon  Underwood.  The purpose of a Death Cafe is to foster a safe, respectful, confidential, casual forum for discussion of death and how our thoughts and questions about death impact the way…

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A Note

We have talked about the power of words when grieving… what to say, what not to say. When a friend or family member loses someone they love, putting into writing these thoughts can be difficult. But, the support and love the friend or family member feels is incredibly meaningful and an important part of the…

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What helps? (in their own words…)

The blog has spent some time focusing on what helps someone who is grieving through resource links, personal stories, and a variety of ways to honor a loved one’s memory. Today, three of the teens from Kate’s Club, Caitlin, Kaitlyn, and Maya, share what helped them in these video interviews. What helped you through your grieving process? Let…

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