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When Someone You Love Dies

A World Where it is Ok to Grieve

By: Kate Atwood [Today is National Children’s Grief Awareness Day. It comes on the heels of the tragic terrorist attacks around the world. And while a lot of us are grieving a sense of loss of our own freedom by these attacks, hundreds of families are experiencing the darkest days of grief as they mourn…

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Finding Normalcy

One of the first things I remember thinking after levitra telling my 9 year old daughter her father had died was “What will be normal for her?” I wondered if she would ever have normalcy and if so when would it happen? What will it be? I was very concerned that the life shift could…

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Some Book Suggestions

For Jessica, a helpful part of her grieving process was reading the book When Someone You Love Dies by Therese Rando. This book along with several others are part of a list on the website suggested for those who are grieving. Other books on their list include: “Tear Soup”, by Pat Schweibert “A Grief Observed”, by…

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Jessica's Story

When Jessica’s dad, Hal, was battling cancer a  friend of her sister wrote a letter with this quote.  If you read her sister Claire’s story last week and as you read Jessica’s story now, it will be clear that is exactly the way that Hal loved. This is what life is all about… Loving to where…

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