Around Kate’s Club, celebrating isn’t just something we do during our 10th anniversary year; it is something we do all the time. At first glance grief and celebration aren’t necessarily two words that seem to go together. But much of the grieving process is about celebrating the life of the person who died, at least it was for me. This past weekend at Camp Good Mourning, Kate shared a message of celebration – what it means to celebrate the person who is gone, what it means to celebrate being a survivor and what it means to celebrate life.


Kate + the Kids – Camp Good Mourning 2013

This message was delivered in classic Kate Atwood fashion – overflowing with joy and love. Two traits that those who knew her mother Audrey would say she got from her. Yesterday was her mom’s birthday and Kate’s birthday was late last week. In celebration of the Atwood ladies’ birthday week, we would like to share with you our own thank you video to Kate. (The video debuted at the Spirit of Kate’s Club 10th Anniversary Gala.)

The video is set to the moving song Stars performed by Grace Potter. The opening line states, “I lit a fire with the love you left behind.” Kate has certainly lit a fire with her mom’s love. Kate’s Club is living proof of that. Thank you, Kate (and Audrey) for teaching us all how to live and love.