Childhood Grief on the National Stage

This week the National Alliance for Grieving Children will hold its annual symposium in Atlanta. Kate’s Club is honored to be a part of this alliance along with our partner organizations across the country. We join with them in the belief that no child should grieve alone. A huge part of that is creating a national conversation not just about grieving, but living and thriving in the midst of it.

Over the course of the week, we will share what is going at the symposium along with stories of those who are making a conscious effort for grief and life to be a part of our dialogue. CBS Sunday Morning did just this during their April 27 episode. On one of the segments, Bill Geist shared the range of emotions felt by his family when his newest grandchild arrived and his mother-in-law died on the same day. View this segment here.


Bill Geist’s Grandson and Mother-in-Law

Death and life are inevitably linked and there are lessons learned about living in both as the Geists learned that day.

Thursday we’ll share Mitch Albom’s message about honoring those we have lost and lessons for living that he learned from people who were dying.