Extremely Loud + Incredibly Close

On January 20 the film adaptation of Extremely Loud + Incredibly Close will be released nationwide. The story, written by Jonathan Safran Foer, follows nine-year old Oskar Schell through the boroughs of New York on his very own grief journey.
Oskar’s father was killed during the attacks on 9/11, but this book (and now movie) is not about 9/11. It explores the very raw emotions that come with grief and the difficulty in navigating life without that person. There are times when Foer’s story loses its way in far-fetched subplots and confusing storylines, but finds its way when Oskar is the focus. 

The book is at its best when Foer transports the reader into the mind of Oskar and allows you to feel his pain, joy, frustration and hope.

I look forward to seeing if the movie can translate the magic of Oskar onto the big screen, and of course recommend reading the book before you see the movie.

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