Losing a member of your family is always a trying time in a person’s life. Often times, we have reason to expect that someone we love is soon to pass while other times it seems that they have been taken without explanation, and often too soon.  For 16 year old Faith that is exactly the case.  She remembers quite well the day her father simply “stopped playing” with her younger brother and the phone call she in turn had to make to 911.  The mysterious passing of her father left her and her 3 younger siblings unable to explain why they no longer had their dad.

Faith began attending events at Kate’s Club about two years ago and has truly found a place to be herself.  She feels that the club gives her a place where she can be happy and deal with her emotions.  She is a naturally charismatic person who enjoys talking one on one with the younger children in the group.  She hopes to become a “buddy” in a couple of years.

Although there is no explanation for why she lost her father so soon, Faith and her family feel that he was “called home” earlier than they expected.  Kate’s Club has provided Faith with a place she can call home and has helped her to face many of her fears along the way.