Finding Normalcy

One of the first things I remember thinking after levitra telling my 9 year old daughter her father had died was “What will be normal for her?” I wondered if she would ever have normalcy and if so when would it happen? What will it be? I was very concerned that the life shift could cause many other shifts.

I received advice from a couple of school counselors, thanks to my school teacher friends. Many suggested books for me to read, but one in particular suggested

books for my daughter to read. One book in particular she would fill out: When Someone Very Special Dies

I bought multiple books, but this one in particular became her favorite. She still works on it occasionally now, six months later. I like its combination of helping a child understand death as well as cope with it. Some pages have the child fills in and draw the things the deceased enjoyed doing, fun memories, and last memory. Other pages the child fills in what the funeral was like and what people did at it. This is buy viagra online by far my favorite of all the books I purchased last summer.

Two books my daughter liked were I Miss You: A First Look At Death and Tear Soup: A Recipe For Healing After Loss. I Miss You covers children’s questions and feelings about death in generic viagra a simple way. I feel it

is a great way to help a child to understand their feelings. Well at least a step toward doing so. Tear Soup gives tips on dealing with grief. It affirms the bereaved, but also educates those who are not grieving. It is a great way to help others understand what the bereaved is going through and how to

help them.

I know that these books not only helped my daughter understand her feelings about death and grief, but answered some of her questions. I believe that using all the resources available to us is helping us find our new sense of normalcy.