Giving Back

giving back

Kate’s Club has grown by leaps and bounds since the very first days of bowling trips and meeting at Barnes and Noble.  Much of that growth has been made possible by the support of the many volunteers who believe in the mission of the club.  One such person, Thomas Smith, was new to Atlanta and wanted to serve his community when he met Kate Atwood.  Thomas had unfortunately lost both his mother and father as a child and grew up supported by a strong network of aunts and uncles.  Despite their support grief was something that Thomas had to learn to live with on his own.

Using his background in public relations, Thomas helped Kate to devise the very first fundraiser for the club, its now quite popular Cabaret.  As an early board member he also helped to facilitate the event and messaging for a club that he found to be truly unique. Kate’s Club is not a typical grief resource.  Children and parents who have been touched by loss can bond with those who also are grieving.  The kids can talk about it, or they can just enjoy the programming if they aren’t quite ready to share their experiences. Kids and parents alike learn that tears are OK, rather a good thing.  

Thomas’s vision for the club is growth. He sees this both in a physical sense as well as in its outreach.  He hopes for a larger space one day so that many more kids, parents, and volunteers can become involved with the club.  Thomas sees the club as a “bright light” provides a sense of hope.  In the wonderful community of the club anyone can feel comfortable and welcome. Hopefully Kate’s club will continue to grow for many more people and continue to be a place where the legacy of the people who have been lost continues to create a space filled with love.