Grief at the Holidays: 4 Tips for People Grieving During the Holiday Season

At some point in our lives, we all experience grief after the death of someone close to us. Holidays and times of celebration can remind us of our grief, and it can even feel difficult to celebrate when we are grieving.

However, it is still possible to celebrate and feel gratitude during the holiday season while you’re grieving. Our LoKate Coordinator Kacie put together four great tips on coping with grief at the holidays.

    1. Don’t put pressure on yourself to celebrate the holidays in a certain way.

    The holidays don’t have to be perfect and there is no single right way to celebrate. Celebrate in a way that feels authentic to you and your grief.

    2. Re-examine and re-consider your traditions.

    Partake in traditions that bring comfort to you and honor your person. However, it is okay to be flexible about the traditions you do and what you feel up to. Holidays can look different from year to year. Think about how you can honor your traditions while allowing room for change.

    3. Consider making new traditions.

    Are there new ways you can honor your person during the holidays? Consider donating to a food bank or present drive in their name, lighting a candle in honor of them, or leaving a place at the table for them.

    4. Say “no” and take “me” time.

    Boundaries are so important during the holidays. Don’t be afraid to say no and don’t overextend yourself. You come first! Make sure you are also finding time to care for yourself during.

    LoKate is a Kate’s Club program for young adults grieving the death of a parent, sibling, friend, partner or someone important to them.