Happy, Healing and Healthy

Happy Healing Healthy

The death of a parent is always a traumatic experience for anyone who has had to live through it. Those emotions are only compounded when you have had to witness that death first hand. Ginger Florey-Powell was only 9 years old when she and her brother survived the car accident that took their mother. She felt alone and incapable of talking to anyone about the accident, as they had not experienced it. She turned to her Father for help, but he too was incapable and unwilling to discuss the accident and her mother’s death.

Ginger came to Kate’s Club as a volunteer later in her life. A friend, who had met Kate at a networking event in 2004, suggested she become involved. As life is always surprising, her third date with her current husband was to attend the Kate’s Club Cabaret. After they were married her husband’s ex-wife passed away and his daughter Sarah Ann was left without her mother. Ginger having been through this earlier in her life, and knowing how difficult it can be without the proper support network suggested her stepdaughter participate in a Kate’s Club function. That was 5 years ago and Ginger happily attributes Sarah Ann’s happiness and ability to cope with death with her time spent at the club. She has had an opportunity to meet people who share in her experience and talk to other kids in a supportive place. This is something that Ginger never had and she is thankful that Kate’s Club could be there for her stepdaughter.

Ginger continues to help with fundraising for Kate’s Club as well as volunteer. As both a parent and participant of the club she can clearly see the positive impact such a place can have on anyone dealing with loss. She feels that the club can is best described by the three words: Happy, Healing, and Healthy.