Honoring Orly: Art Therapy Projects

This past Friday we shared Rickey Bevington’s story. She is one of many family members whose life was forever altered by the Orly plane crash 50 years ago today. In addition to their children and grandchildren, the legacy of those Atlantans who died lives on in the incredible arts legacy that now thrives in the City.
The Woodruff Arts Center Memorial to those who died in the crash
The arts also play an important role in the grieving process. Today we are sharing three different art activities that can help a child who is experiencing grief.
Brown Bag Portrait

Have the child paint or draw a picture of  their loved one who died on the outside of the bag. For the inside on separate pages, have them draw pictures of or write about favorite memories with that loved one. If they have keepsakes or pictures, they could also be placed inside the bag.
A Memory Performance

At the Children’s Room in Massachusetts, teens perform original skits and uplifting performances after someone has died. This idea can be replicated by having the child write a short story about their loved one and read it aloud.
A Simple Poem
Sometimes finding words can be hard. Share other books of poetry and read them with the child. Have them begin writing words that express how they feel. From there they will grow into thoughts and phrases.

Photo credits: wtop.com; The Children’s Room, Grief Through Art

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