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Volunteering at Kate's Club

Volunteer Party 2019

Volunteer Opportunities

Program Volunteer (primary need)

Kate’s Club “Buddies” are the heart of Kate’s Club! We cannot provide services without the support of Buddy Volunteers. Buddies serve as positive role models for Kate’s Club member children, creating safe space by supervising and facilitating Club activities. After completion of a New Volunteer Orientation, Buddies enjoy a flexible schedule with shifts on weekday evenings, Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons. Buddies also serve as helpers at Camp Good Mourning which is offered twice a year. Please email Debra Brook, Director of Volunteer Services, at to get more information.

Clubhouse Cleaning Crew

Kate’s Club is always looking for small to medium sized groups of volunteers to keep our Clubhouse in top shape. Cleanup days are usually scheduled during the week at flexible times, quarterly throughout the year. Please email Debra Brook, Director of Volunteer Services, at to get more information.

Adopt a Meal

Kate’s Club provides a meal for each program at no cost to our members, so we are always in need of meal donations! Volunteers prepare and serve lunch for the kids at weekend programs and provide home cooked family dinners for New Family Orientations and Family Nights on weekday evenings. Adopting a meal is a great service project for a work team or family and no training or screening is required. To sign up to adopt a meal, please click this link.

Supply and Snack Drives

Hold an art supply or snack food drive at your business, school, and place of worship, scout troop or club. Kate’s Club maintains a list of currently needed items. You can check out our wish list here. Please email Debra Brook, Director of Volunteer Services, at to get more information.

Clubhouse Support Team

Kate’s Club encourages small groups to help during Clubhouse programs on weekends. Your small group will be paired with our morning OR afternoon contractors who lead therapeutic activities between 9:00am- 12:30pm or 12:00-3:45pm. You will provide hands on support, engaging with our kids during programming that will focus on building upon a healthy grief journey. This is a perfect volunteer opportunity to see first-hand what we do and how we do it.

Have the team leader sign up here. By signing up, you are agreeing to bring a group of volunteers.  You will receive an email shortly after signing up with details on how to help.

Group Volunteer Project

Kate’s Club can create unique volunteering experiences for larger corporate groups.  Please contact the Director of Volunteer Services to discuss a variety of options for projects that can occur during the week and weekends. Please email Debra Brook, Director of Volunteer Services, at to get more information.

Volunteer Highlights

"Kate's Club has made me a better person. I am less judgmental and more loving. [When I leave the clubhouse], I leave KC feeling blessed to work with these beautiful children who are trying to figure out life without their loved one and life in general. I feel so grateful when a child really opens up and shares their see them feel heard and understood is why I keep coming back. I also feel blessed to work with our incredible staff and buddies...I learn from all of them every time we are together. I am passionate about the work we do for these families."
MichealTurner photo

Michael Turner


"One of the things that impresses when I am at Kate's Club is how simple activities like making a crystal ball or creating an emotional rollercoaster  drawing can really bring someone out of their shell and talk about their journey, and to see how the kids support and encourage each other is great to watch. New volunteers should come in with the expectation to listen and not solve problems. The best thing a volunteer can do is let the kids know they are there for them. "

Cox Automotive (1)

Cox Automotive


Cox Automotive volunteered at Kate’s Club in December 2019 completing special group projects in the Clubhouse. They not only transformed our Clubhouse into a winter wonderland but also helped put together our Winter HUGS activity for our families. Thank you, Cox Automotive!  

Hosanna Gutierrez photo

Hosanna Gutierrez


"My main takeaways after programs are usually very similar. My soul feels raw and vulnerable and I am left in awe by these little ones’ strengths. The one thing I love to do is try and call out all the breakthroughs, vocalized emotions, social encounters I witnessed and I analyze them to see how I could improve on myself and I love sharing the kids’ wins with the Kate’s Club team. Some wins are too good to keep to yourself." 

Macys.memory walk



Over 20 volunteers from Macy's stores around Atlanta came out to lend a hand at the 2019 Magical Memory Walk on November 10, 2019. The Macy's Team has supported Kate's Club for many years and we are so thankful for their partnership!

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