Interview with a KC Member, Age 9

Everyone has their own unique story to tell. At Kate’s Club, we know that all of our members have experienced the death of a parent or sibling, but each member’s story is their own. The following is an interview of one of our Kate’s Club members reflecting on the death of their brother.


Krisandra Evans | Kate's Club | Camp Good Mourning 2016

Krisandra Evans | Kate’s Club | Camp Good Mourning 2016 | Photo not of member in story

Interviewer: Tell me about what you’ve accomplished that makes you proudest.

KC member, age 9: I think my proudest accomplishment so far is… passing third grade, because the Georgia Milestones test was hard.


Interviewer: What do you see in yourself that reminds you of your brother?

KC member, age 9: Playing soccer. We always went to the park, and sometimes we’d play tennis because there were tennis courts too. I’d say my brother was the better soccer player – he had better tricks. He taught me how to flip the ball over other people and how to pass the ball a little straighter.


Interviewer: Who is your best friend and why?

KC member, age 9: In school, his name is Marquis, he’s funny and helps me out with group work.


Interviewer: Who in your family has lived the most interesting life?

KC member, age 9: My mom. She’s nice, kind, and cares about me. Yes, she’s pretty special.


KC member, age 9: When my brother was in the hospital, no matter what they did to him, he said he was alright. That’s what I miss most about him. That he would never give up.


Interviewer: What are some lessons you’ve learned in life?

KC member, age 9: Share with others. Be kind. Be respectful. Be nice.


Interviewer: If you could use one word to describe your brother, what would it be?

KC member, age 9: Strong


Interviewer: How would you like people to remember you?

KC member, age 9: I think… playful.