Jessica + Claire's Story: The Next Chapter

In early 2011 we shared Jessica + Claire’s story about how they were coping with grief following the death of their father, Hal Hecht, in August 2010 from pancreatic cancer. Since we last heard from them, they have devoted themselves to helping find a cure for pancreatic cancer.
Jessica, Carrie, and Claire paint Houston City Hall Purple
They have become actively involved at a local and national level with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. From meeting with legislators in Washington D.C for more funding for research to raising funds for today’s PurpleStride race (Houston’s first), the sisters are dedicated to the cause.
Houston City Hall ‘Painted’ Purple
One of Claire’s friends had this to say about grief just after Hal’s death,  

The journey of grief is a very long, hard journey. I often describe my grief as the ocean–some days the waves are so calm and far away & other days they are so very, very strong.”

Admittedly Claire and Jessica have had their share of days when the waves are strong, but also days filled with so much joy. I hope today is a joyous one.
After this morning’s race in Houston, the sisters are hosting the Purplepalooza party that will take donations for their endowment fund. During Hal’s life he was very vocale about how proud he was of his daughters. Days before his death he told Claire, “I could not possibly be more proud of you.” I think today he would be.
Hal’s Angels Team Shirt
Thank you to Jessica and Claire for their commitment to finding a cure and for continuing to share a very honest picture of grief.
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