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Please take a moment to fill-out the application as best as you can. The application is only a few pages long and will require approximately, 20 to 30 minutes.

Other ways to apply

We offer various ways to apply, if you prefer to print the application and send via email, fax or traditional USPS mail, please visit our application page for full details.

We try our very best to this process as easy and simple as possible, we are here for you and are available to help with any support needed.

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Do you know a Family who could benefit from Kate's Club?

If you know of a family that could benefit from Kate’s Club, please let them know about us! Our doors are always open to new members, and all programs are offered at no cost to families.

Grieving families generally appreciate it when extended family and friend reach out to them to acknowledge their loss, offer support and connect them with resources. Please spread the word about Kate’s Club and encourage parents/guardians to call Kate’s Club for more information.

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Kate’s Club staff is more than happy to speak with anyone interested by phone or personal appointment.

Give us a call at 404-347-7619.

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