Kate's Story

Today we are thrilled to be able to share the story of Kate Atwood. When Kate was six years old her mom was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Six years later her mom passed away and Kate’s life was forever changed.
The video below is of Kate Atwood’s appearance on The View where she talks about her mother’s illness, how she dealt with her grief, and how her journey led her to found Kate’s Club.
Through Kate’s experience at a bereavement camp in Virginia, she discovered the value of healing by being around others who had experienced a similar loss. Kate’s Club empowers children and teens facing life after the death of a parent or sibling. By creating friendships with kids and young adults that share the experience, Kate’s Club guides children through their grief journey in a comfortable, safe, and uplifting setting.
Kate’s Club begin as an idea Kate had when she Super Mario World was 24 and just six years later has helped over 400 kids. Kate’s passion is clearly giving back to others and today spreads this message through a variety of outlets. One that you اكشن should check out is her website where she encourages others to live by giving.
In closing, Kate’s own words on life’s greatest gifts…
More than a lesson, it is a gift…and that gift is to experience how the opportunity to change someone else’s life also very much changes your own. I want to share with you the fulfillment and happiness everyone can experience when you take part in something that is bigger than yourself.  That feeling when you share. Share your money, share your mind, share your time, share your story…all of this sharing can help you, can help someone else, and can ultimately help our world!”
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