We Come Together As One: Helping Families Grieve, Share and Heal The Kate’s Club Way

By Lane Pease Hendricks, MS and Nancy L. Kriseman, LCSW

After the death of a parent, sibling, or caregiver, the life of a child or teen and their family is forever changed. Families face enormous challenges as they navigate life without that person.

We Come Together As One: Helping Families Grieve, Share and Heal The Kate’s Club Way is based on the authors' knowledge gained from working with the courageous families that are a part of a non-profit organization called Kate's Club. Since 2003 Kate's Club has provided creative and innovative programs to support grieving families. The "Kates' Club Way" believes in empowering children and teens as they move through their grief process so they can become more resilient and ultimately find ways to thrive.

This book provides suggestions and ideas so that adult caregivers have strategies and tools to best support their families. Plus, there are several chapters dedicated to helping adult caregivers cope with their own feelings about the death as they create a new life for themselves.

About the Authors


Nancy L. Kriseman, LCSW

NANCY L. KRISEMAN, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker who has worked with older people and their families for over 35 years. Nancy maintains a private practice in the Atlanta area, in addition to presenting workshops on caregiving across the country. Nancy has always had a passion for children and teens and has volunteered with them in various capacities for many years. Currently she is both a Buddy Volunteer and Ambassador for Kate’s Club and co-leads the Adult Caregiver support group. Nancy has a master’s in social work and specialist in aging from the University of Michigan, 1982.

Lane Pease Hendricks, MS

LANE PEASE HENDRICKS, MS is the Director of Programs and Partnerships at Kate’s Club in Atlanta, GA. Lane oversees the quality of all programs offered to Kate’s Club members and their families. She also leads KC Connects, the outreach program of Kate’s Club. She trains professionals in Georgia and nationally on working with grieving children, young adults, and families. She is a National Training Associate with the Boys and Girls Club of America, serves on the editorial board of the American Cancer Society and on the Education Committee of the National Alliance for Grieving Children. Personally, she raised two grieving children who are now young adults. Lane holds a BA in Philosophy from Georgia State University and a MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Mercer University.