Music for the Soul

Music is unique in its ability to transport us back to a place or time based on the memory associated with a song. The range of emotions that a song can evoke are all encompassing. For musicians dealing with the loss of a loved one, turning to music can become therapy. Writing of the lyrics can be healing for the artist, as well as the listener who understands, empathizes, and even needs the message.

In 1991, Eric Clapton’s young son Connor died tragically from a fall. Clapton then composed and now performs “Tears in Heaven” in tribute to him.

When asked if it was difficult to write the song, he had this to say:

The writing of the song is the therapy. The toughness is doing nothing. From the time where everyone said goodbye to one another at the funeral and I was left at home — from that time to the time the song was finished, it was harder if I didn’t play the guitar. Playing the guitar was actually the solution. The tough part was actually being in the knowledge and the moment of what happened.

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