People Want to Talk

This weekend I had a chance to visit friends who moved away a couple of years ago due to a work transfer.  We talked about work and kids and Kate’s Club. 

One of these friends lost her Dad two years ago last month.  She nodded in complete agreement when I mentioned Kate’s Club’s open model system – members may attend programs after long absences from the Clubhouse because grief comes in waves.  GRIEF COMES IN WAVES!  She experiences waves of grief brought on by the smallest things – a song or something her boys say that reminds her of her Dad.

Although our conversation about grief was short, I think she valued the opportunity to acknowledge the impact of her father’s death in her life.  It is like Cynthia at Kate’s Club always says, people want to talk about their grief experiences, they just need someone to gently ask and intently listen. 

I strive to be the person who asks and listens.

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