Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to participate in Kate’s Club Programs?

    - Clubhouse Programs are open to all children and teens, age 5-18, who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, or primary caregiver at some point in their lifetime. Click here for more information

    - Outreach Services are open to many different types of groups throughout communities. We have school-based groups for school age children and teens who have lost someone close to them, education workshops for professionals (teachers, social workers, pediatricians, hospice, anyone working with grieving children), and more. Please click here to read more about these offerings

    - Kate’s Hub is currently open to only parent(s) and/or caregiver(s). Click here for more information

    - Young Adult Programs (LOKATE) is open to adults ages 18-30 who have experienced the death of someone close to them and consists of virtual and in-person programs. Click here for more information

  • How much does it cost?

    All programs are 100% free of charge to participants and their families.

  • How long after the death does the family need to wait before calling?

    A family can call and start the process for participation as soon as they are ready. Every family and every individual grieve differently. However, the Bereavement Needs Assessment is not administered until at least 2 months after the death. We recognize this and meet families when and where they are ready.

  • What is the Clubhouse membership process?

    After submitting an application for each eligible child, you will be contacted to schedule a guardian phone interview. Children ages 8 and up will need to complete a Bereavement Needs Assessment with a staff member. The final step is to attend a Family Orientation to learn all about Kate’s Club.

  • What happens at a Family Orientation?

    Family Orientation is a group orientation for families joining Kate’s Club. This is a time for you and your family to learn more about programs offered and get comfortable with Kate’s Club before attending one of our programs. You will be joined by other new Kate's Club families who will also be going through the orientation. It is also an opportunity for us to get to know you and your child better. For new members outside Atlanta who want to attend virtual programs, we hold separate virtual orientations for guardians and children a week a part.

  • What if a child or teen needs private therapy?

    Kate’s Club does not provide individual therapy or counseling. We will be happy to provide referrals to vetted therapists in the community who specialize in grief and work with children and families.

  • What if my child is reluctant to come to Kate's Club?

    New experiences can be scary for younger children. Below is a short video to introduce your child to Kate’s Club. This video may help your child become more familiar with Kate's Club and what we do. 

  • How long is a family expected to participate in Kate’s Club?

    We believe in the uniqueness of the intensity and duration of grief for each individual and family. Children/teens choose when to start and when to stop attending. We serve children ages 5-18.

  • Is there a long waiting list?

    No. We accept applications on an ongoing basis and begin the membership process as soon as possible. We occasionally have a waiting list for specific programs.

  • Is there a Kate’s Club near me?

    Kate’s Club programs are held in-person and virtually. In-person programs are held at our clubhouse in Atlanta, GA and at our program in Newnan, GA. There is also a virtual option once per month. All members regardless of location are welcome to attend virtual programs. To find in-person programs outside Atlanta, please visit

    We also provide school and community-based support through our outreach program, KC Connects

  • How is Kate's Club funded?

    Kate’s Club operates entirely on donations from generous individuals, foundations and corporations. We appreciate every gift as it allows us to continue providing a fun, positive, uplifting environment to help grieving children succeed in living healthy lives. Click here to learn how you can help.

  • How do I volunteer at Kate's Club?

    There are many different ways to get involved and volunteer with Kate's Club. Click here to view our opportunities. 

  • Is Kate's Club a tax-exempt non-profit organization?

    Yes, Kate's Club is 501(c)3 organization. Our Tax Identification Number is 16-1646487. View our tax document here. You can also view our 990 here and our latest audit here.