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Member Services

These programs are for children ages 5-18 who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, or primary caregiver. To attend these programs, families must complete an application and go through an orientation

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Clubhouse Services

Offered at our Clubhouse in Atlanta and focus directly on teaching communication skills, grief coping strategies and life skills through six initiatives:

Clubhouse Days

Members can attend a full or half day program each month, where they participate in social, recreational, and therapeutic group activities led by therapists, artists, and a variety of people with special skill.


Three times per year members participate in a purely recreational outing. These may include going ice skating, swimming, or a trip to a trampoline park. These outings build community and remind kids that it is still okay to have fun.

Park Bench

Monthly group for parents, caregivers, or any adult family member that provides support, education, and resources.

Holiday H.U.G.S.

H.U.G.S. stands for Healing, Understanding and Giving Support. These programs bring grieving families together for extra support around four (4) holidays: Sibling’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the Winter Holidays.

Closed Support Groups

These 4 week groups provide support for the whole family and are loss-specific such as suicide, homicide, or overdose deaths.

Family Nights

Monthly programs on weekday nights that bring the whole family together with a focus on rebuilding a family after death.

Camp Good Mourning

Camp Good Mourning is the highlight of the year for Kate’s Club members and volunteers! This special bi-annual gathering brings kids together in a traditional camp setting to enjoy activities, friendship and to learn how to deal with their grief in a positive way.

At Camp Twin Lakes in Winder, Georgia, kids swim, hike, rock climb, play music, make arts and crafts and attend the annual camp dance.

Children also participate in grief support activities which support sharing their loss with their peers and learning new ways to cope with their feelings. 

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