Seeking the Light

We would like to share with you a blog post from Kara Jones, an artist and creative grief educator.  Kate’s Club also works with our members and their families on creative ways to deal with their grief through art, music, and recreational therapy.

Kara uses creative prompts on her blog to talk about her grief journey and creative ways to deal with grief.  In this post Kara talks about seeking the light and also understanding that sometimes there is a need for the darkness.

“Once we’ve come through the dark and back to the Light, things don’t need to look exactly the same.  Things are not the same.  Let both the dark and Light form and sculpt the new explorations, new meanings.  You are allowed to be changed!”  Check out Kara’s blog here .

For Kate’s Club, every day our members are a source of light.  We know that they have had to deal with the darkness of grief but feel strongly that with support and love that they can navigate their grief journey and move towards a place of light – whatever that new place may look like.