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Keturah's Camp Good Mourning Story

Maybe it was the refreshing breeze, or the serenity I felt as I strolled through the camps pathway. Perhaps it was simply the joyous conversations coming from some of the campers and warm hugs and smiles from the buddies. Though I can’t pinpoint what it was specifically, I knew this combination made me feel right…

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Camp Good Mourning

I’ve never been to a bereavement camp before. I didn’t know what to expect, especially since I’ve never gone to any camp as an intern before.  I didn’t know whether my role would be one of camper support or running around doing whatever anyone needed from me. My role was a little bit of both…

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Pinch Me Please!

By Kate Atwood My first memory of the phrase “pinch me please” is from the movie, Annie. There is a scene and a song in the beginning, where the little orphan is given a tour of her new home with Daddy Warbucks. In pure delight, Annie rings out, “could someone, pinch me please?” It is…

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Learning How to Grieve: Sameer's Story

As we prepare for this year’s Memory Walk on November 16 and National Grief Awareness Day on November 21, we will be sharing personal grief journeys, tools to better understand and cope with grief, and inspirational stories. Many thanks to Sameer Vyas for sharing his story today.  Walls holding back months and years of grief…

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Around Kate’s Club, celebrating isn’t just something we do during our 10th anniversary year; it is something we do all the time. At first glance grief and celebration aren’t necessarily two words that seem to go together. But much of the grieving process is about celebrating the life of the person who died, at least…

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