Thank You for Camp Good Mourning 2014!

Camp Good Mourning 2014 was another wonderful (and record breaking!) program for Kate’s Club! We will be posting more pictures and feature some blog posts from Camp.  We had 18o Kate’s Club members attend Camp Good Mourning this year and they were supported by 80 buddies!

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Camp Good Mourning Buddies

We can not say thank you enough to our amazing buddies for their incredible work that allows Camp Good Mourning to not only happen but to be a meaningful experience. We also want to thank New York Life for, once again, providing volunteers for our camp wide festival held on Saturday. Autotrader also provided a number of volunteers and, again this year, helped to stream line our check-in and drop off process. KPMG provided volunteers to work with the kids during drop off and also traveled to Camp Good Mourning to assist with unloading buses and then, again, on Sunday provided extra hands for loading the buses for our return trip.


Kate with Former Kate’s Club Members – Now Junior Buddies!

We’re happy to see every single one of our buddies and campers. We are always especially happy to welcome back former Kate’s Club members as junior buddies. It puts into perspective for us how far we have come as an organization! We are already planning and looking forward to next year!