The Birthday, The Anniversary…

How do you honor the memory of a loved one?  Below is a list of celebration suggestions for days of significance that you will always associate with them.

  1. Eat a meal at one of their favorite restaurants or prepare their favorite meal at home.
  2. Release a balloon with a message to the loved one.
  3. Plant a tree in their memory.
  4. Establish a scholarship in their name.
  5. Have a celebration gathering.
  6. Share stories about the loved one.
  7. Listen to some of their favorite songs.
  8. Make a memory stepping stone and place it in the garden.
  9. Light a memory candle.
  10. Make a scrapbook or a memory box.
  11. Compose a poem or song.
  12. Get involved in a cause that was important to your loved one.
  13. Have a piece of jewelry made with their name on it.

Please share additional ideas in the comments section.

Photo credit: Hagley Road to Ladywood

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