The Event: Part 2

Last week Trees Atlanta gave suggestions for our readers who would like to plant their own memory tree. Not everyone has a green thumb or lives in a climate where this is an easy option. The following project is a way to make your own memory tree.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Find a twig with several branches.
  2. Place a lump of clay in the bottom of a clay pot or paper / Styrofoam cup.
  3. Insert the twig securely so that it remains upright.
  4. Cut out big leaves from  the sheets of paper. 
  5. On each leaf write a special memory with the loved one. (If the project is done as part of a group, include the name of the person that was lost.) 
  6. Tie the leaves to the tree.
  7. Photographs can also be used to tie the leaves to the tree.

If you have the chance to make your own memory tree, we would love to share pictures on the blog.

Would you like to share your story? Please contact us at [email protected]