Those Who Understand



When Ashley Thomas lost her mother she, like Kate’s Club founder Kate Atwood, she was only 13 years old.  Being a young teenager is challenging enough during the best of times but can become incredibly difficult when you are missing one of your parents. Unfortunately, at that time there were no programs available for Ashley to find kids in a similar situation.  She instead relied upon her family and friends to help her cope with life without a mother.

            Ashley came to Kate’s Club as an adult. She found out about the club from a business associate who suggested to her that she should meet the founder of a group that helps children who have experienced a loss similar to what Ashley suffered years before.  She met Kate for lunch one day and after talking about the similarities of their situation Ashley decided to participate in Camp Good Mourning.  The experience was very rewarding for Ashley, who has been a club volunteer ever since.

            Ashley feels like not having a mother around to witness the milestones in her life has been the most difficult part for her. Although that can never be replaced, having people in your life who have similar circumstances can help greatly in your ability to recover from such a loss.  To Ashley, Kate’s Club is a place that provides lasting relationships with other who can both empathize and support you as your life continues.