Where to Go for Help

When a child grieves the death of a parent, sibling, or significant person in their life, one of the hardest things is know where to turn.

On Saturday January 7, Kate’s Club hosted a Resource Fair.  Family members attended the fair after signing their kids in for the Kate’s Club program, an outing to Centennial Park Ice Rink!  This, our first Resource Fair was a wonderful success!  The fair was timed as a kick-off to the new year, and to celebrate the completion of a new and updated resource list that will be given to families when they join Kate’s Club. The updated resource list is also now available on our blog!

Art It Out Art Therapy
“Families’ needs are all unique and individual, depending on who in the child’s life died, and how they died…we want to provide as much direction and navigational support as we can.  Sometimes a catalogue of books on grief is more helpful than a book title…each person can scan through the various titles and choose something that catches their attention.  A well designed website, an on-line journal, a blog can all be effective tools.  Alternative therapies (art, music, equine) are becoming readily available locally for families that are interested in those things.  Whatever helps a child or family feel empowered to endure the pain that is grief, whatever provides a glimpse of hope, we want our families to know about.”

Thank you to all of the community resources that made the effort to come out early on a Saturday morning to provide information to our Kate’s Club families:

Circus Arts Institute

Thank you to Kate who donated signed copies of her book A Healing Place.
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