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At just 12 years old, Kate Atwood lost her mother to cancer. Based on her childhood experience, she was inspired to help other children unite with their peers who shared a similar loss experience so they would know they were not alone in their grieving. Kate’s Club started in June 2003 with only six children, [...]



Kate’s Club has developed therapeutic programming to help our children and teens establish healthy support systems and develop the necessary skills to cope effectively with their grief – a foundation that we believe is critical to supporting children who must cope with a tragic loss.  We foster positive social and emotional development through four main [...]



“As a parent, I want my child to have the tools he needs to cope with any situation. Kate’s Club has given my son just that – his level of expression and confidence is priceless!” – Kate’s Club parent Atlanta’s grieving children attend Kate’s Club programs at no cost to their families because of supporters [...]

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